Artificial Intelligence Systems for Medical Diagnosis

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May 25, 2022

The Italian Ministry of Health has published a document on its website entitled “Artificial Intelligence Systems as a Diagnostic Support Tool”, which was drawn up by the Superior Council of Health in order to explore the subject of artificial intelligence (“AI”) systems applied to medical diagnostics, in the light of the growing spread of AI-based technologies in the healthcare world.

Our Mauro Turrini (Counsel) and Nadia Feola (Associate) analysed in the alert the use and regulation of AI for medical diagnosis and risks and implications of using AI in healthcare.

Written by
Mauro Turrini
Mauro Turrini
As Counsel in our Milan and Rome offices and a member of our International Life Sciences and Intellectual Property groups, I have a longstanding reputation as an expert in both the regulatory and IP aspects of life sciences.
Nadia Feola
Nadia Feola
I am a lawyer in the Intellectual Property department with experience in the life sciences and healthcare sector. I assist international companies in dealing with regulatory and compliance issues concerning medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements and other health-related regulated products.

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